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Counseling Options for You

Each client is unique, and we treat them that way. All of our clients begin working with us by completing an intake session where we learn more about your past, your goals for the future, and any pitfalls that may cause you to stumble. After your intake session we will make a plan to work with you throughout this journey. Many times, making the phone call or walking in the door for the first time is the hardest part of the experience. After that most of our clients look forward to the time we spend together. 

Young Parents
Marriage & Family Therapy

Relationships take work. Our expert therapists know how to help you improve your communication and your connection. We focus on solutions and practical skills for your marriage or family.

Slow Dance
Premarital Counseling

If you or someone you know is getting married, let us help them start off well. We facilitate conversations and teach skills to ensure a lifetime of love. This is a wonderful gift to give. 

Happy Businessman
Individual Counseling

We all need help sometimes. If you are struggling right now, let us help you find your answers. We can help with a wide variety of personal issues whether they are in the past, present, or the future.

Sitting on Couch
Free 30 minute Consultations

Sometimes you just need to know which direction to go.  If you are not sure if therapy is right for you, or simply need questions answered. Sign up for a free consultation.

Teenagers on Mobile phone
Child and Teen Counseling

Children and adolescents have special needs. Stress, anxiety, and depression are prevalent in their world today. We are trained to not only treat, but also care for these children.

Trainings and Workshops

Our staff is glad to help you apply systemic thinking skills to any area of business or education. Many of the same principles apply in our relationships whether it is personal or work related.

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